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I promised more Spidey Stiles like a decade ago, so here it finally is

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Our country teaches us to suspect all Muslims after something like 9/11 and its not racist, its “just protecting ourselves”


the moment women are suspicious and fearful of men because all women have been harassed by men its not protecting themselves

the moment POC are wary of white people or run from the police or have protests its not protecting themselves

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The biggest thing I’ve taken away from this project is something I’ll never be able to prove, but I’m convinced to my core: The lack of such a database is intentional. No government—not the federal government, and not the thousands of municipalities that give their police forces license to use deadly force—wants you to know how many people it kills and why.

It’s the only conclusion that can be drawn from the evidence. What evidence? In attempting to collect this information, I was lied to and delayed by the FBI, even when I was only trying to find out the addresses of police departments to make public records requests. The government collects millions of bits of data annually about law enforcement in its Uniform Crime Report, but it doesn’t collect information about the most consequential act a law enforcer can do.

I’ve been lied to and delayed by state, county and local law enforcement agencies—almost every time. They’ve blatantly broken public records laws, and then thumbed their authoritarian noses at the temerity of a citizen asking for information that might embarrass the agency. And these are the people in charge of enforcing the law.

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Bravo to their PR team :3

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OMGs. If the 50 Shades of Grey movie looked like this I’d be in line right now waiting till February!

I’m not even in this fandom and I nearly blew a fucking gasket watching this. If Sebstan is strange compelling to you and if D/s is your jam, just click play.

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